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Paul with his family
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Paul London

Real Name: Paul Michael Sanchez-Garcia London

Ring Name: Paul London

Date Of Birth: April 16th, 1980

Day Of Birth:Wednesday

Age: 33

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 205 lbs

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Astrological Sign:Aries

Chinese Sign:Monkey






Paul London is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

After being trained at the Texas Wrestling Academy, London began competing for Ring of Honor, where although he never won a title, began popular amongst the fans due to his high risk offensive moves. He later competed for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, and various independent promotions, winning numerous championships and won the ECWA Super 8 Tournament in 2003.

London made his debut in WWE in late 2003, and immediately began teaming with fellow cruiserweight Spanky (Brian Kendrick). After Kendrick briefly left WWE, London formed a tag team with Billy Kidman, and together they won the WWE Tag Team Championship. After their split, London began competing in the cruiserweight division, and won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. In late 2006, Kendrick returned, and the two reformed as a team.and London was released later that year.


Paul speaks fluent spanish,has done extra work in several films, including "Miss Congeniality" and "The Faculty" , has frogs at home (it's not known how many), he designed his ROH shirt, he loves comics and action figures, he doesn't drink, smoke or use drugs, mostly because his brother Daniel and Daniel's girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver when he have 16 years. He visits his mother in New Mexico if he has time, he was the first ever captain of his High School wrestling team and still holds the record for the fastest pin with 7.4 seconds, he likes to spend time with friends, watch movies, work out, go climbing and be one with nature when he's at home.

Paul attended Westlake High School in Austin, where he competed for his school’s basketball and track teams and which was and still is known for football,  was the only one in the city without a wrestling team, so he helped found one. He was the first-ever captain of the team and the first varsity letterman, and he holds the record for the fastest pin, 7.4 seconds.   His favorite things to do when not wrestling is to spend time at home in Austin resting and working out, watch movies, enjoy spending as much time as possible with the few friends he has at home, going to malls even if he doesn't buy anything. Paul also loves acting and tries to make it to as many auditions as possible and a few acting workshops. To get away, he will spend  time swimming in the lakes around town and in the natural springs being "one" with the turtles and salamanders, and if he has time, will drive up to New Mexico to visit his mother.   Paul speaks fluent Spanish.     He broke into the business after returning home from two attempts at college -Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and the University of Memphis.. he went  to these areas hoping to find a good wrestling school but it didn't work out for various reasons. When Paul returned home in the spring of 2000, Ivan Putski had opened his wrestling school  Paul's hometown of Austin , TX . He trained  with  Ivan for several months and then Putski was instrumental in getting Paul some bookings to get started. He made his debut against Jimmy Bud on April 7th, 2000 in Austin at the old, now torn down, Austin City Coliseum.     Paul has done extra work in several films, including "Miss Congeniality" and "The Faculty".  

Women "scare" him (LOL)! If he was looking for one now, he would make sure to look for one who is loyal (honest), smart, has a ridiculous sense of humor (to go along with his own) and can have fun doing just about anything as long as they were together.

Paul still has aspirations in acting and academics. He enjoys writing screenplays in his spare time. He auditioned for “Secondhand Lions” and made the final cut for “Fear Factor.” He’s 30 credits shy of a degree in theater and elementary education. 

He never drinks, smokes or uses drugs, partly because his brother Daniel and Daniel’s girlfriend, ages 19 and 17 at the time, were killed by a drunk driver.


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